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The electric mobility market lies at the intersection of several powerful trends led by advancements in technology, engineering innovations as well as increasing cost of fossil fuels. The electrification of transportation combined with electric vehicle charging technologies, guarantee a stable and reliable transition to an automotive revolution.

eVmotion Cyprus Ltd is an electric mobility company providing professional services and quality products to business partners and retail customers. These include supply, installation and management of electric vehicle chargers as well as other related Electric Mobility products such as electric motorcycles, e-scooters, e-bikes and Energy Products such as photovoltaics and battery storage units.

The company leverages its knowledge and experience and evolves with a single objective as its core mission to keep leading the way towards zero emissions. A unique team came together to provide premium, professional services backed with strong knowledge and quality products.

We are aiming to become a leading company in providing electric mobility services and products in Cyprus.

Our Services

“Progress is impossible without change…” George Bernard Shaw

We acknowledge that electric mobility is new and different, and every new thing is also unknown and intimidating. However, progress is impossible without change.

Whether you are a new electric vehicle owner needing to charge at home or at your residential building, a facility manager at an office building, retail shopping center or hotel, a car park operator, or a fleet manager, we will work with you, providing our advice and expertise for the most effective and efficient solution.


Charging your car at home should be simple and convenient, providing you great savings. Having a home charger ensures quick and safe charging.

Residential Buildings

Living in a residential building with a common parking area accessible to others should not prevent you from charging your vehicle. Secure charging solutions are easily implemented with our products. Further, additional solutions exist when more electric vehicles need to be charged during the same time at the same parking area.

Workplace / Offices

Does your company own or rent electric vehicles for operations? Do you have employees owning electric vehicles? Charging for these two users should be available but different yet not complicated.

Fleet Management

Managing a fleet of vehicles requires precise control and monitoring. Our charging solutions paired with the proper software application make the work straightforward.

Hotels and Resorts

Provide your quests or visitors the convenience of charging an electric car at your premises and make their visit even more pleasurable.

Retail Commercial Centers

Differentiate from the competition by offering your visitors fast and secure charging service. Increase loyalty of your customers and position your premises accordingly in the environmentally sensitive marketplace.

Car Park Operator

Get your car park ready for the future with charging infrastructure for electric cars. Parking and charging are inseparable for drivers of electric cars. With charging station solutions your parking facilities will keep pace with changes in the market, and electric car drivers will specifically drive to your location.

Management Software

Manage and monitor your charging infrastructure, energy usage and diagnose issues from your desktop or whilst on the go. Set permissions and restrict access or utilize charge scheduling and benefit from cheaper energy tariffs. Allow drivers to start their charge using RFID or authenticate using a phone application.


Charging Products
We provide Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment solutions by esteemed companies of the industry including (but not limited) EO Charging, Circontrol, AUTEL, EV Loader.

Energy Products
eVmotion provides complete energy product solutions which include photovoltaic systems, battery storage units, solar lights and other related products and services for both residential and commercial projects.

Mobility Products
EV is the acronym of Electric Vehicle which by definition is a vehicle that uses one or more electric motors for motion. Electric Vehicles are not only cars. Electric vehicles include electric scooters and electric motorcycles.

Horwin is a leading manufacturer of electric motorcycles and electric scooters with global presence across the world.

We are proud to be the exclusive distributor of Horwin in Cyprus. Follow us on:

Instagram: horwin.cyprus

Facebook: HorwinCyprus

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